Wholesale Services

Custom Baked

It's your business, offer the flavors that work for your concept. We'll work with you to craft the perfect item.

Rotating Menus

Keep your customers engaged and your selection fresh all year long.



New items on your menu can always feel risky. We want your creation to be successful, so we have no minimum orders for our early partners.

Keep it


We source as many of our ingredients from local producers as possible, to do our part in keeping the local economy thriving.

plant based

by design

We believe the future of plant based food opens up a potential market for all businesses to embrace. Within the last 6 years, the US has seen a huge growth in plant based diets, from just about 1% self-identifying as vegan in a 2014 study, to now 6% in a 2019 study. This 600% increase can be seen in the demand for dairy alternative milks, plant-based meat options at large scale chains, and the enormous amount of data showing the growing interest in replacing animal products with responsibly sourced plant-based options. While moving forward to take on the challenges ahead, the path of plant based food and beverage is one way to unlock an additional market you can serve - and we'll help.



baked for you

When partnering with us, we will work with you to create your ideal pastry to work with your concept. Whether you want to pair an item with your special roast, bring back your favorite childhood flavors, or want to stand out among the rest with a bold new flavor, we will bring your idea to life.

Not sure where to start? We are always dreaming up new ideas, so we can work with as little as one ingredient to begin pitching ideas (and samples) your way.

Bonus points: while working with us, you will have the exclusive sales rights to your baked goods (unless you want to share with another friendly business!).

Refreshing Juices


keeping it fresh

What could be better than bringing on a new, custom designed baked item for your business? Bringing on a new, custom designed baked item whenever you want. We are always in R&D, and can work to create new options any time.

Do your customers enjoy the flavors of the seasons? We do too! Do your customers follow the latest flavor trends? We got you covered. Are your customers more the trendsetting influencer type, looking to hook their friends on the newest flavor trends? We'll have them raving about your creations.

Keeping your baked goods selection from going stale is one of the ways we make sure your customers stay engaged and drive sales through fresh selections.



risky business

Bringing on a new item to your menu can always feel risky. Will customers love it? Will they even notice its there? How much can I charge for it?

With our model of partnership focused on helping your business succeed in sales, our goal will always be to mitigate your risk and help drive sales. Currently, for those willing to take the chance with us as we build and scale our business, that means no minimum order quantities.

You can order small quantities to get interest rolling and adjust your order size to match your business needs over time. If that means you like making sure there are always 1 left after work for your closer, or if you prefer a good-until-gone sales method, we'll have you covered.




We are in unprecedented times for the food, beverage, and tourism industries. Despite NYC being the center of the universe, there are still a mountain of challenges awaiting all of us as we work towards reviving our economy and continuing to grow our dream businesses. Now more than ever, local businesses need to find new and creative ways to support one another in order to keep our local economic ecosystem thriving.


We do everything we can to source our ingredients from local producers, roasters, spice shops, and farmers markets when possible. The way we see it, the more we can do to keep money flowing in the community, the better prepared we will be to continue weathering the storm.


At 3B Eats, we know we have our work cut out for us. We want to keep making NYC our home and the birthplace of our business venture. We know the key to our success will be in working together, so we would love to work with you to help you succeed too.