Tips for Storage and Reheating Baked Goods

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The fundamental trick to keeping your baked goods fresh is a matter of controlling the humidity (and temperature) around it. With too much moisture in the air, the outside will go soft and mold will have an ideal growth environment complete with food (bread) and water (humidity). On the other hand, too little moisture in the air will cause the water still left in your bakes to evaporate out, leaving your goods stale.

In general, best practices for storage will depend on what kind of environment your food is kept and moderating that environment the best you can. One of the best ways to prevent molding/softening is to ensure you have a breathable container that allows for airflow to keep the environment dry. No baked goods will be fresh forever, but by moderating humidity, airflow, and temperature, you can keep your baked goods fresher, longer.

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store the goods

When considering how to store your bread remember these tips:

  • Enjoy as soon as possible. Your baked goods are at their peak freshness from the oven, and only goes downhill from there.

  • Make sure your storage container can breathe to prevent excess moisture buildup. An open paper bag works well. Adding an extra layer of a cotton bag helps even more.

  • Store in a cool and dry place. The warmer the air, the greater potential humidity.

  • Storing in a slightly chilled space, such as a display case, is ideal, but will still have the tendency to dry your food due to the air circulation of the refrigeration fan.

  • For long term storage, many recommend freezing. We recommend sharing with your neighbors instead, as the freshest baked goods will always taste the best.

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back to hot

There's nothing like a croissant or pain au chocolat when fresh from the bakery. We always recommend that you reheat these pastries in your own oven when you're ready to enjoy.


To maximize your experience:

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F.

  2. Place your goodies on a baking sheet (with or without parchment paper).

  3. Bake for 3-5 minutes until crisp on top. Tap with finger quickly to double check.

  4. Cool for 1-3 minutes. Be careful of pain au chocolat right out of the oven -- the chocolate is lava.

  5. Bon appétit.