Pear Chef


Our Bakery

During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, many of us lost hope of community and closeness as a society. But as we all weathered the storm, we discovered that it was exactly that - our local community and closeness to it - that would save us from ourselves. 


That's what we've dedicated 3B Eats to. To our local businesses and locals across Lower Manhattan. We work to partner with other local businesses to foster each other's growth - a partnership. A partnership to begin the process of healing, together. 



The Breads

Our breads are always special whether it's just graduated from our R&D program or it's an old-time fan favorite. They've gone through rigorous product testing and fine tuning to make sure the bread you get is going to be a product we're proud to serve. Whether it's our sourdoughs made from our unique starter and cared for over 30 hour periods, or our uniquely sized sandwich heroes, custom sized just for your business needs.

The Pastries

There's a reason you don't often find vegan pastries: butter. Store bought vegan butter just doesn't do the trick when it comes to laminating dough for puff pastry and croissants. In order to get just the right temperament of vegan butter, we handcraft a special butter blend for all of our pastries to mimic the properties of dairy-based butter as closely as possible.